Ready to get started with building your DREAM life?

Say YES to Your Dream!

As a Results Expert and certified at the Brave Thinking Institute, Felicia Lonobile can help you design and manifest life in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

Felicia’s vision and values educate clients to believe in their unlimited potential power. She knows this to be accurate from personally living into these tools and skillsets herself.

She works with clients through an “inside-out” approach using skillsets and tools to shift limiting beliefs, currently blocking you from living the life you love.

There was a time in Felicia’s life where pain pushed her to make a change. It was a time of terrible darkness where she believed everyone but herself was responsible for her problems; in time, she became the self-sabotage champion.

Living life in this manner caused her great pain. She prayed someone would see she needed help, love, and rescue because that was the state of her mind.

As you can imagine, that never happened because, in time, her pain became increasingly unbearable, consuming and disturbing; she could no longer ignore the signs.

In a moment of initial resolve, trapped in terrible darkness and fighting relentlessly to break through feelings of emptiness and confusion, she realized and recognized in a moment of clarity all the pain, shame, and self-destructive thoughts she had brought on herself.

Instinctively, leaped to bury the old story, the false one, and instead embraced a new purpose, a new way of thinking, a new way of behaving and a new way of taking on life.

Although Felicia was ready for a change, she didn’t quite know how to get to her dream life; she saw herself make conscious decisions to do things differently because turning back to the way things were was no longer an alternative.

Deep down in her gut, she knew, new opportunities never show up when it’s convenient or comfortable and that great things only happen on the other side of what’s comfortable or what we’ve known.

She took the plunge that changed her life forever. She let that part of her dream win over the fear and the uncertainty, enrolled and put herself through a rigorous training process to become a transformational life coach.

Today, Felicia invests her time and energy in a career she loves. She has deep rich, meaningful relationships that she cherishes with all her heart. Her health is better than ever and feels profoundly grateful to work with clients she loves.

Felicia’s life aspiration is to help people who feel stuck and dissatisfied with their lives quickly get unstuck, build their dreams and enjoy a more productive and fulfilling life experience.

It’s the decision we are willing to make that shapes our lives. Don’t allow circumstances, situations and conditions to dictate your life.