The Powers of the Mind!


There are six mental faculties that we’ve all been gifted with as humans. These mental faculties are imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason, and perception.

It’s a program designed to help my clients break free from their current circumstances and unlock the hidden power within them to generate new results.

Your Imagination is possibly the most potent faculty you possess because, without this gift, nothing is possible; with it, anything is possible. Most people know about their Imagination, but they completely underestimate their power to transform their lives.

I can help you discover how to understand and harness your Imagination in ways to always serve your highest goals and desires. Through fully learning this first faculty, you will realize that you have the ability to dream up exactly the life you’d love.

You are a creative being. You can create the world you love because you’ve been given the creative tools to do so.

Every single thing you can see has been created twice: first, it’s a thought before it became a thing.

Your only limitation (within reason) lies in your development and use of your Imagination.

The synthetic Imagination is your ability to arrange old concepts, ideas or plans into new combinations.

The creative Imagination is your ability to receive new thoughts, ideas, and insights from the infinite intelligence that have never been perceived before.

You learn these mental faculties by exploring them and experimenting with them.

It starts with asking yourself, “What would I love?”

Napoleon Hill said that “The Creative Imagination is the faculty through which hunches and inspiration come.” You have to willingly give and graciously receive.

This course offers a very structured and careful process which, when followed, will bring forth amazing results! You will learn key points and principles, followed by specific action steps.

Get ready for exciting new opportunities where the unexpected occurs.


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