Group Coaching

A coach is a catalyst that helps an individual to unstoppable personal achievement. There are no shortcuts to success. Yet, with the proper tools and resources, you can accelerate your success to achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time than you ever could.

The knowledge of Image-Making eliminates competition from your life by moving you from the competitive plane to the creative plane. Everyone is using the Image-Making concept; everyone always has. In fact, everything that has ever come into your life has come as a direct result of the Image-Making process.

Start with crafting a vision of what that life would look and feel like for you, letting your imagination roam and play with every possibility you could create.

  • Craft a comprehensive and robust vision of the life you would love.
  • Move forward, stress-free and make things better for you and those you love.
  • Connect with your inner voice calling you to a greater level of existence, achievement and becoming.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.~ Napoleon Hill

Not many people believe this; the ones who do, prove it to themselves; moreover, I’ve witnessed numerous examples of what holding a proper image will do in the lives of others.


My working with Felicia as my Life Coach has been an awakening. Until now, I had a habit of getting stuck in my limiting beliefs and self-doubts. I had an idea of my truth but needed to learn how to access it. And look at me now. My dream of becoming a Motivational Speaker, a Life Coach, an Educator, and an Author is now my reality. My relationship with my husband is the best it has ever been. I am healthy, wealthy, and abundant. And I love and accept myself for who I am. I am genuinely grateful for the wisdom and insight Felicia shared with me during our six months together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get out of their way and access their truth. Felicia has become a Mentor and a great friend to me. She is a blessing and an inspiration. ~Dee DiFatta