Forgiveness is a Choice

Here’s another way to look at “Forgiveness.

One of the fundamental principles of living life, well, is learning Mastery in the area of loving, happy, healthy, nurturing relationships.

The most important in maintaining healthy relationships, where everyone is allowed to do their homework at the intersections of our lives, is practicing daily forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way that we keep ourselves clear conduits of love’s presence flowing through us.

Mastery is in the ability to forgive and forgive well and the key to having the kinds of loving relationships we want.

What Would You Have Me Forgive Today?
  • Name the person.
  • May you be peaceful?
  • May you be healthy?
  • May all your steps lead you into the light.
  • May all things work for good in all things for you?
  • I let go of our discord.
  • I wish you well, and I wish myself well.
  • All things are clear between us now.
  • I lay claim to this, and so it is.

Forgiveness is a Practice — Not an Event

Forgiveness requires breaking old patterns of thoughts and creating new ones.