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Certificate of Completion at Brave Thinking Institute!

I’ve been trained and certified in an ideal, proven success system—perfect for helping anyone achieve their goals and dreams.

I do detailed work that involves dream-building principles. It is a scientific, repeatable, predictable, reliable, proven method based on 45+ years of study centred on the most successful people.

My process with each new potential client starts with a strategy session; during our 45–60-minute phone conversation, we will clarify where you are, what you would love to create, and the next most important step you can take to achieve your goals.

Standing Firm is the perfect curriculum to help you navigate challenging times when it may feel like the light is not shining on you, sometimes referred to as “The Dark Night of the soul. Discovering the Dark Night will birth the next more prominent version of you during this powerful 4-week program.

In the first week, you will learn to use your Dark Night of the Soul as a forward momentum builder. You’ll look at all the ups and downs and relate to them in a way that empowers you.

Week two: The Hero’s Journey is about learning the three major phases in your life by asking if any gifts were known to you from that night.

Week three: Harvesting The Good is about letting go of your ego attitude by choosing an empowering perspective about that dark time and neutralizing the emotional charge of your night by discovering the gifts you can gain from it.

Week four: A New Beginning. In this final week, you will learn to recognize when life is signalling you to get back on course—connecting with your inner sanctuary and protecting you from the elements of circumstance. Create a support structure around you for the changes you would love to implement. Discover your Dark Night experience’s true meaning and learn to use it to grow into a higher version of yourself.

The Standing Firm program includes: • 4 Teaching Sessions • Coursework • Downloadable Audio MP3 files of Program Teaching.

The concept behind the dream-building phase is knowing “The Point of Power is within you.” This program’s Dream Building tools and principles have helped me transform my life; it has been tested over the past 30+ years to help thousands worldwide see extraordinary life transformations. I’m confident it will work for you as well.

Imagine a simple system to help you discover your dream with the confidence, joy and inner peace you need to go after it. In this PROVEN, 90-day process, learn to transform your life, jumpstart the results you want to see, live the life you desire AND enjoy the fulfillment of building your dreams.

The DreamBuilder® program includes twelve live private coaching sessions where you’ll get support, motivation and the answers to your most burning dream-building questions. A guidebook, MP3 audio teaching & meditation files to help you stay connected to your highest potential, with a complete system to clarify your vision and the next steps you can take to experience a greater flow of abundance in your life.

Feel more Joy, Self-worth and Confidence in your life as you master the spiritual side of success – in every way (from finances to health and relationships.)

Discover how to “activate” the 6 extraordinary gifts you were born with and learn how to use them to create
a life you truly love living.

  • Imagination – Harness your Imagination in ways that will advance you toward your goals.
  • Intuition – Properly connect to your internal guidance system to clarify what direction you should move in your life.
  • Will – Learn how to stay focused on what you would love instead of thinking about what you DON’T want.
  • Memory – Consciously develop your memory and take a quantum leap toward what you desire.
  • Reason – Uncover the secret to working smarter, not harder and accomplishing more in less time with fewer resources.
  • Perception – Discover the power to turn the most overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps as you move toward living a life you love.

When you discover how to activate these 6 mental faculties, your life begins to take on a whole new dimension:

• Experience greater clarity and confidence
• Make decisions with greater speed and accuracy
• Effortlessly gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle
• Abundance flows through your life naturally
• Experience deeper, more meaningful relationships

The 90-day Into Your Genius™ coaching program has been tested and proven over the past 30+ years, helping thousands of individuals worldwide see amazing transformations in their lives, and I’m confident it will work for you.

Into Your Genius™ program includes: • Instructor Weekly Coaching for the Duration of the Program • Downloadable Audio MP3 Files of Program Teaching • Complete Guidebook.

Discover the 11 ancient, long-forgotten spiritual laws that govern all things in the Universe. Attraction is just one of ELEVEN spiritual laws that govern all the results in this Universe. Within this program, entitled Working with the Law ™, you’ll discover how to cooperate with all 11 ancient universal laws that govern our success in all major domains of life. As a result of this inspiring and in-depth training inside this highly acclaimed program, you will have the power to up-level the health, relationships, and financial abundance you need to create your dream life.

Every week, our time together will give you the personal support, inspiration, motivation, and accountability to make positive change. In addition, you will receive powerful tools and resources inside your program workbook.

Working With the Law™ 12-week program includes Instructor Coaching for the Duration of the Program. • 95 Powerful Lessons in MP3 Format • Audio Transcripts • The Original “Law of Attraction” Blueprint • Working with the Law-book by Raymond Holliwell • Complete Guidebook.

Life Mastery™ will empower you to change your life by helping you develop mastery in 6 critical areas of life.

Life Mastery™ is a one-of-a-kind program based on 50 years of intensive research into the art and science of personal success – what makes successful people successful in all areas of their life. The transformation begins the moment you start the program.

Intention: Accessing the power of your purpose
Health: Experiencing the highest expression of well-being
Abundance: Living from connection with Source
Manifestation: Developing the art of co-creating
Love: Fostering authentic relationships
Transformation: Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities

The powerful six-month Life Mastery™ program provides the tools to accelerate your progress and enhance your results with sixty minutes weekly Life Mastery™ class – access a mastery-level of teaching, inspiration, connection, support, and laser coaching.

Discover unique solutions and methods to apply the Life Mastery™ tools directly to your life and dreams. Receive the answers to your burning questions, strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, and accountability to help you stay the course.

The Life Mastery™ program includes • A complete manual and workbook for the entire course • Audio meditations for each month • Archived recordings of every week’s teaching available • Ongoing personal support for the duration of the program.

Where Could You Be Six Months from Today?

The answer will astonish you!

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Felicia is genuinely a heart-centred coach. She cares deeply for her clients and can strike the perfect balance between compassionate guidance and wise, practical, actionable steps to progress their vision. She is truly one-of-a-kind. If you have an opportunity to work with her, don’t think twice; consider it one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself!~Judy Hersh, Evolution Solutions.